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Young, Charles Rowland 42349 RFC

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I wanted to share some information I found whilst transcribing my great-grandfather's records and hoped someone could help share their expertise in the missing parts of this story.


Charles Rowland Young 42349 an Air Mechanic Second Class Aircraft Rigger in 2 Squadron (Wg? Wing?? 10) from 17.3.17 and 40 Squadron from 8.8.16.



The family story is he worked on SE5A, I would like to know a little more about what aircraft he worked on, where he was based and where these vehicles were used.




I am assuming from the information on the records, 2 Squadron they were based at Farnborough Royal Air Factory, medically examined at RAF Depot Blandford and through the Trade Testing Sheds and classified according to trade, drill disciplinary training for 3 weeks, 6 days of musketry instruction before being drafted to Halton, Bucks for 8 weeks of Rigger (Aeroplane) training.





Rigger Notebook

https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1918/1918 - 1312.html












Air Mechanic's Notebook



40 Squadron at Gosport




Photos not directly related to C R Young





Best wishes,





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Can you confirm the dates your great grandfather was at 2 Squadron and 40 Squadron, Matthew? 2 Squadron never operated the SE5 / SE5A but 40 Squadron did, the SE5 between October 1917 and early 1918 and the SE5A between October 1917 and February 1919. Do you have any other dates that might help pin down what he was doing and where? Incidentally, if he went straight after training to 40 Squadron (his 'Muster' date is 08/08/1916 so it would have been at least a couple of months later), the squadron was based at Treizennes and was operating the single seat 'pusher' FE8 fighter, though the squadron did convert to the Nieuport 17 in March 1917, which may have been before your great grandfather moved to 2 Squadron. In March 1917, 2 Squadron was based at Hesdigneul and was operating several variants of the BE2, the BE2c, BE2d and BE2e. From April 1917, it gradually re-equiped with the FK8 which was its only type of aircraft until the end of the war.




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