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I have just bought a trio with MID oakleaf.

A couple of points. The MIC appears to show that the medal was returned - see pic. Is this so?

The VM in the trio has been erased apart from the rank DVR and Corps RA, which are relevant to the recipient, although the space in between DVR and RA are not sufficient for his initial and name.

I will never know for sure, but it may be that his own VM was returned, for whatever reason, so he went out, got another RA one and had the original recipient erased.

Also of interest there was another driver in the RA, with exactly the same name and only one digit difference in the regimental numbers, must have caused a few problems.



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Yes it does state the Victory as being returned~probably due to an Error in Naming,etc;,Perhaps He Never received the Replacement & replaced it himself{Or Someone else did :@ a much later date}

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I cannot see how one medal could be returned unless sent back by the recipient/his family. Both medals were sent together, in the same packaging so a wrong address/not known would have seen both returned. The most likely explanation is that the VM was wrongly named and he sent it back for this reason. Given usual govt inefficiency and the chaos of post war, the VM was probably never reissued.

BTW, what was the MID for?

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