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Crossing of the river Lys Oct 14 1918

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I`m trying to find the location where my Great Uncle fell during the crossing of the River Lys on Oct 14th 1918 by the 89th Field Company Royal Engineers.

I do have copies of the original report on the crossing and which states the crossing points that needed to be repaired. My Great Uncle 12812 A Robins was given bridge no`3 to repair. He was killed attempting the repair and was awarded the Military Medal. Attached is a page from the report stating the bridge positions. Any help, assistance or advice on how I can track down these locations would be very gratefully received. I have just returned from a trip to pay my respects to Arthur. He lies in Kandahar Farm Cemetery in Belgium, but I would love to return to be able to visit the place where he fell.

River Lys bridge ref.jpg

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Hi Jon,


There is help on how to read map references here. This link should open up a map from September 1918 with square (sheet 28) P.35 in the centre. Use the transparency slider to see how it fits in with the modern landscape.




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Charlie and Chris, I cannot thank you enough for the information. We tried so hard when we were away to locate bridge three, but being total newbies we were unable to locate Arthurs Bridge. We will certainly will be going back to visit and make the pilgrimage complete. Thank you both again so much.


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My Grandfather, George Edward Lines, was in the Royal Engineers, an Acting Captain at the time. He was awarded the Military Cross for


T./Lt. (A./Capt.) George Edward Lines,
R.E., attd. 497th (Kent) Fd. Coy., R.E.,
For great gallantry and determination dur-
ing operations which led up to the establish-
ment of our line across the Lys on night of
19/20th Oct. 1918. He personally super-
vised the building of infantry bridges across
the river under heavy fire, and it was due
to his .example that the operation was car-
ried to a successful issue.

This is from the Supplement to theLondon Gazette 4th October 1919 page12311


Do you know the author of the document you reference above, or any further information about that action, as it seems quite possible that my Grandfather was there. He survived the war, but did not talk about it (to us at least) and we did not even know he has been awarded the Military Cross until it was stolen.


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