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Identification of regiment

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According to the medal index, my father was a corporal in the RFA.His regiment was listed as 106684. How can I identify this and find out where it was posted.I don't know the years involved but he received the Victory and British Medal.

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RFA is the Royal Field Artillery, the number is his regimental service number not the number of the unit.


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Is this him?

Medal card of Amberson, Robert

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Field Artillery 106684 Corporal

If so you will see he was in the Royal Field Artillery who were responsible for the smaller calibre artillery used in the greatest numbers.

If so you can download his Medal Index Card (gives details of medals awarded and sometimes other information) here:


If you download the card and post it here people can probably give you more information. I think (perhaps an artillery expert can help) that his number appears to be a regular unit and not territorial (my great uncles was 1036845) so there is probably little chance of ascertaining what Brigade he was attached to.

Have a look at the Long Long Trail link at the top left of the page. There is a wealth of information about different units and what records are available.


Tim D

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