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Talking Pictures channel 81, 11/11/18

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I saw an advert on the TP channel yesterday, not so much for the films on the day but the 8 snippets from the battlefields might be interesting....


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Nice post, Slick. I noticed the same ad and was going to draw it to the attention of other members nearer the time, perhaps copying & pasting from the TP website. Your presentation is far better than mine would be and I wouldn't have the knowhow to do it.


Talking Pictures is my favourite channel and offers some excellent old films, some re-mastered (whatever that is). As a concession to modern sensitivities, nearly every film seems to be preceded by a warning to the effect that some viewers may find some scenes offensive.



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Thanks M, I enquired on the TP faceache page and they were good enough to post an image of the schedule within a couple of hours, which I copied and pasted here.


TP is also my favourite channel, I`d just about given up on the TV until TP appeared.

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Copied from TP`s faceache page, looks like the 8 parts are only 15 minutes long ....



Commemorating the Centenary of the End of #WW1 
Talking Pictures TV has visited the battlefields and memorials of Flanders and the Somme to bring you exclusive moving tributes to our “Boys,” all presented by war historian Alan Forbes. Here are some details on the 8 part programme tributes to be shown throughout the day on November 11th, to commemorate the #Centenary of the End of #WorldWarOne #LestWeForget

06:00 Part 1. Polygon Wood & Buttes New British Cemetery - Lest We Forget. 
We visit Polygon Wood. A significant WW1 battlefield and Buttes New British Cemetery.
08:05 Part 2. Brothers In Arms- Lest We Forget. 
We talk to Johan Vandewelle, who is the expert in disinterment’s and excavations, the responsibility he believes he holds and his incredible monument to all serving brothers who died in each other’s arms.
09:10 Part 3. Ypres - Ieper - Wipers and The Menin Gate - Lest We Forget.
We visit the town of Ypres and look at the part it played in WW1 including The Menin Gate where the last post is played every evening without fail.
10:40 Part 4. Tyne Cot - Known Unto God - Lest We Forget.
We visit Tyne Cot the largest cemetery for Commonwealth forces in the world, for any war, now the resting place of more than 11,900 servicemen of the British Empire from WW1.
13:10 Part 5. The Battlefields Of The Somme- Lest We Forget.
We look at The Front Line Trenches on The Somme Battlefield and The Lochnagar Crater, the largest man-made mine crater created in WW1 on the Western Front.
15:00 Part 6. The Christmas Truce of 1914 - Lest We Forget.
We visit the original site where late on Christmas Eve 1914, our boys heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches and on Christmas Day British & German soldiers met in no man's land.
17:10 Part 7. Life in the Trenches, Hill 60 and The Last 100 day - Lest We Forget. 
We visit Hill 60 an area of ground which remains relatively undisturbed since the end of the Great War and we commemorate The Hundred Days Offensive which ended WW1.
19:15 Part 8. They Grow Not Old - Lest We Forget.
In this final programme we are looking at ‘Pals Battalions’ the astounding Theipval Monument and look at the youngest “Tommy’s” who gave their lives for us. ‘The innocent volunteers of nineteen-fourteen’…

Films include A Farewell to Arms* (1932), Shoulder Arms* (1918), British Intelligence* (1940), This Happy Breed (1944) and Forever England (1935) and many more (*Subtitles available
For the full schedule visit our website:


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