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Researching Ernest William Rushton


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Excellent resource site guys.

I am new and can offer very little apart from what i find on my travels with regards the above name.

Since seeing the the mini series roots over 25 years ago and recently, it has kindleed my thirst to know more about my family.

ernest william rushton 240039 Colour sargent 1/5th lincolnshire

I am not 100% sure that this will be my granddad, but looks promising as according to my fathers birth cert when he was born ernest lived at 13 lincoln blvd in grimsby, but further research shows this colour sargent as living at number 1.

It could be at a ime when many families lived on the same street and i could be looking at a great granddad, who knows?

Anyway the ernest i am looking for info on was married to a pollie (nee) negus and to my reasearch and known facts may have had only one child peter, my father.

Ernest william rushton that i know was enterned in Bracebridge in the 40s to 50s and that the last known whereabouts was in cleethorpes in 1956

If you could help me out i would be very greatfull no matter how trivial the detailsi it may lead to the right source.

Or any photos of any rushtons, there may be a family resembelence that may be an indicator

thanks again and good site!

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Welcome to the forum and good luck in your research.

I think it’s safe to assume that you are only looking at 1 Ernest Rushton, as that’s all I can find in the 1901 (or any other) census. At that time, he was 15 years old and lived at 3, Moody Lane with his parents Thomas (50), Anne (48) and sister Jane (17). Thomas is a slater and Ernest is a slater’s apprentice. Anne was born in Hull and the rest of the family in Grimsby.

Going back to 1891, the family were at the same address, but the children also included Thomas, 14, a painter’s apprentice, Herbert (11) and Sarah (9).

In 1881, they lived at what looks like “Whitgill Street” in St James, Grimsby. There are 3 children at that time; sons Thomas and Herbert and a 3 year old daughter whose name has been recorded simply as “E.A.”.

Finally, I found Thomas aged 20 in the 1871 but I can’t read the image. I can say that he lived at home with his parents Thomas (60) and Hannah (51), and brothers Hilbert (13), Robert (18) and William (15).

Hope this is of some use or interest to you.



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I forgot to add, I found a reference to a 1 year old Pollie Negus ion the 1891 census, living in Woodstone, Huntingdon. Is this your Pollie, do you reckon?


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I forgot to add, I found a reference to a 1 year old Pollie Negus ion the 1891 census, living in Woodstone, Huntingdon. Is this your Pollie, do you reckon?


As my research has shown...Pollie in that spelling is rare or non exsistant, but sounds very likely to be the one

this sounds like a breakthrough

as for the sernest you refer to, according to the birth cert of my fathers, my granddad was a fish porter at the time in 1927, but its worth looking at

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You may have already checked these two sources, but i had a look on the Absent Voter List for Grimsby, as well as a listing from Grimsby library of servicemen from WW1. Both the absent voter list and the other both have Ernest William Rushton as living at 1 Lincoln Boulevard, and confirm the Ernest William that lived at 1 Lincoln Boulevard as 240039 of the 5th Lincs.

If this proves to be yuor relative, this six digit number was issued to him in 1917 when the Territorial Army was renumbered. Prior to this he had the number 1100 5th Lincs. This number 0f 1100 would indicate that he was a member of the 5th Lincs well before war broke out in Aug 1914.

Hope of interest


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I was just checking through a casualty list from the Grimsby News for July 27th 1917. I noticed Sgt E.W. Rushton (Grimsby) included amongst the wounded and remembered this thread.

This injury could have occured during action around Lens/Hill 65, possibly at the Cite de Moulin on July 1st 1917, where the 1/5th Lincolns suffered 51 casualties.

Sgt Rushton's injuries could not have been to severe however because on September 16th, the official history records:


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Sorry if the above is a little difficult to read, bit out of practice.

My guess is that Sgt Rushton was perhaps a 'temporary' C.Q.M.S. due to his earlier wounds?

Best regards,


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Thanks for that steve...printed out and can just make it out.

Update on my reserch

I have requested a marriage cert from local archives of Ernest William rushton and pollie negus

and not holding my breath but it looks very promising at the moment.

There is the broken link of 13 lincoln blvd and number 1 lincoln blvd, but in those days i am aware that other family members could have lived in the same street, but my serch continues

thanks agian for the above info and words of encouragement.

I will keep you all posted



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