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1/6 King’s Liverpool Regt

John S

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Sorry this may be a long read, but it might help if I give as much info as I have got.

I am researching the death of my great uncle 1276 L/Sgt William L Paton, B Coy, 1/6 Liverpool Regt, killed 24/9/16

Other names I am particularly interested in are

a) 1920 & 240429 L/Cpl James Plint, B Coy, 1/6 Liverpool Regt

B) 2nd Lt Maurice E Moss 1/6 Liverpool Regt KIA 29/11/16

Background and information I have

I have copy of William’s personnel record, MIC, casualty record, and war diary for 24/9/16. I have his medals and death plaque plus a photo of him, and possibly pictures of him at 4 Scottish General Hospital where he was admitted 22/5/16. According to his personnel records he went to France 24/2/15, wounded 8/5/16 and returned to his Regiment 5/9/16

L/Cpl Plint wrote a letter William’s mother and I would like to find out more about him. I have applied for his personnel records and have his MIC which shows he was demobbed.

Lt Moss also wrote a letter to Williams mother. I have his personnel record, MIC and war diary for date of death.

I have Soldiers Died and CWGC prints for all mentioned

Any further information on the three soldiers mentioned above would be much appreciated as would information on the movements of 1/6 between the following dates and any recommended books etc for more info (have Remembrances of Hell)

24/2/15 to 8/5/16

5/9/16 to 24/9/16

24/9/16 to 29/11/16

The following soldiers from 1/6 Battalion were killed 24/9/16 per SDGW (War Diary for 24th says only 3 soldiers killed and 19 wounded) and any info on these would be a bonus to help provide as complete a picture as possible of the action where William fell.

4096 Pte Charles Ayre (true family name Hare)

1675 Sgt Arthur Bushell

4072 Pte Edgar Gauntlett

1076 Sgt Edward McGill

2270 Sgt Edmund Savage

3597 L/pl John Strutt

4345 Pte William Towers

Any help no matter how small would be much appreciated and I will be happy to pay for photocopying, postage etc.



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Suggest you look in the "Unit Histories" section of the Forum. One member is offering "look-ups" for the King's (Liverpool) Regiment until the end of this month.


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Thanks for your response.

I did consider posting on that thread but I didn't want it to risk it getting lost among so much other information.

I am hoping Croonaert might see this post and reply if he can add anything.



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