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Remembered Today:

Jeancourt Communal Cemetery Extension: 12th Battalion A.I.F.


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Just finished checking both the 12th and 13th Battalions to make sure that none of the men that are missing are named on a SPECIAL MEMORIAL within a cemetery.


This is an important step if you think you have found your missing man because there is only one (1) listed on the CWGC with that criteria.That is not always the case. There could be a Special Memorial "A" (Buried elsewhere in this cemetery) or Special Memorial "B" (Believed to be buried in this cemetery), which means that you must also account for that man. If it is in the cemetery where you are checking, he becomes a prime candidate. If he is in another cemetery, you need to exclude him with the details available.


In this case, both battalions came back negative.


I usually only go through this step "if and when" I move to the reporting stage, however two (2) cases this morning may it clear that this step should be taken earlier.

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Lance Corporal Broadbent MM 10th Battalion was confirmed by CWGC recently as the unknown Australian Lance Corporal in Jeancourt.


The 12th Battalion chaplain buried many men of the 10th and 12th Battalions that day which could be a reason as to unit misidentification.


Originally it seemed logical that the four unknown 12th Battalion graves were for the 12th Battalion soldiers, but we have found information in the surviving 1st Div burial returns that two of the four missing 12th Battalion men were not buried where these unknowns were recovered from.

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