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The Ambulance dog #Nationaldogday

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I couldn't resist posting this on #Nationaldogday



dogs ww1.PNG

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Being a Soldier’s Tribute to a Red Cross Dog.


“If it wasn’t for Spot

It’s as likely as not

I’d be facin’ the devil or God

For a lead speedin’ clean

Nailed me square in the spleen—

And my crimson was stainin’ the sod.


“I was out with a new

Reconnoitrin’ crew,

When the foe made a sudden attack—

And before I could yell

They were givin’ us ‘ell—

And I fell with a’ole in my back.


“When I opened my eyes

and gazed round in surprise.

With an oath tangled up with a prayer—

They were scattered around

On the stained stinkin’ ground

And their eyes ‘ad a fishy-like stare


“ And I waited from dawn

Till the daylight was gone-

Though I bellered and ‘ollered like sin,

Not a soul ‘eard my cry—

I was ready to die

And prepared to’and all my checks in.


“ I ‘ad given up ‘ope

And I started to grope

In despair, for my temples were ‘ot—

When I chanced to look’ round

There stood that old ‘ound,

That Red Cross mongrel called Spot.


“ Now, a lady’s fair face

May be shock full o’ grace;

But the snout of that grizzled, old cur

‘Ad it beat forty ways—

And the rest of my days

I’ll remember that angel in fur.


“well, ‘e needed no bid,

But ‘e snatched at my lid

And was off in a flash—like a shot

When at last I awoke

I was far from the smoke

In the ‘hos’ on a snowy white cot.


“ Now, I don’t keep a log

But the deed of that dog

Will for ever remain in my dome

If it wasn’t for Spot

I’d have started to rot,

And I’d never see Highland nor ‘ome. ”

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Chester-famous Messenger Dog

The German Army run several dog clinics at the Western and Eastern front. Not far from the trenches in the rear areas. Here is a video from a German Army dog hospital/Lazarett:



Reminds me of my war injury which I got as a messenger dog 


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