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Gareth Davies

Too many memorials?

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1 hour ago, Gareth Davies said:


Johnboy, I know you are dealing with some difficult circumstances at home but there is no need to have a pop at me.  I think I am allowed to choose which posts to reply to and which to ignore.  

Yes, I apologize but it seems that any questions I ask are ignored,

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4 hours ago, Gareth Davies said:



The money is all from private sources, no public money (as in generated by taxpayers) is being used.  Is a public subscription actually a private subscription?  


It perhaps gets a bit blurred here. Almost all the memorials near me were raised by public subscription, ie members of the public "chipping in" to pay for them. Sometimes done by door-to-door collections, usually via the activities of a dedicated committee who would organise things like whist drives, dances etc. We also have examples that were erected by private subscription, usually directly by the family of an individual serviceman for an individual commemoration of him rather than one where his name appears amongst a load of others. In cases like that all the funds came from the family members. The burring perhaps comes at a point where a memorial committee might be construed as a restricted and therefore private body.


Well, that's my slant on it anyway.


Our local memorials are wonderful things - as I suppose they are in other localities too. We are however about to enter an era, now these things are 100 years old, where money will need to be spent on preserving them for future generations. It's not always easy to see where that money will come from, particularly those that are the property of the various religious organisations. Added to that is the bigger issue that these organisations regularly either dispose of them or lose them. Being their property, they are only accountable to themselves.


It would be really good if our local memorials were controlled by some kind of governing body like CWGC, though much of their charm lies in their eclectic variety, which arose because there was no such governing body.





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On 17 August 2018 at 09:54, ss002d6252 said:

A very rare sight of a complete BT phonebox (I don't think I've ever seen one with all it's windows complete).

I think that it's far better to spend what little money is on the go on looking after existing memorials rather than putting new ones up where there is already an adequate number in situ.



Should you ever feel the need to find a red telephone box, with all its Windows intact, the telephone working and not smelling,like a urinal, then I know where you can find one.

it is Oosterbeek, just outside Arnhem, and was a present from the people of Coventry to the locals there.

It looks a bit incongruous in the Netherlands, but I have been to look and it all works.



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