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Hi all -


I have 3 questions relating to my Great Uncle and I'd be grateful if you could help please?


On the attachment it shows him being based in several different places - how can I find out where these places were and when he was there? I'm a bit stuck on finding the resources I need and I think he's probably one of the 60% whose records have been lost.


Secondly, he was transferred from the ASC (he was a driver) to the Light Infantry in 1918; I'm guessing this probably wasn't his choice?  Was this done when there was a big push and they needed more soldiers in the battle? 


Lastly, if he was transferred, would his uniform/cap badge etc have changed, or were things like that not really practical to be bothered about?


I'm so sorry if these are daft questions, but I can't find what I'm looking for online. 


Many thanks.


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 No-one has replied, so here goes.  The document is a medal roll showing entitlement to the Victory & British War Medals.

You should also find a medal index card for this man on Ancestry, or National Archives (you pay for that one). That might clarify whether he was in a war zone with ASC.

The last entry shows he was in 8th Battalion, King’s Shropshire LI.  He was probably needed as a front line infantryman at that stage of the war.

His uniform would be the same but badges and shoulder titles changed.

Hope this helps.


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