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interesting 1914 Stars on eBay - look out


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Being careful not to say too much as have been told off for commenting on these 1914 Stars before....

From either Bulgaria or Greece every so often on a popular auction site a series of single 1914 stars appear. Often one of these is named to 2957 Prowse of the Hussars. I would be intrigued to know how many examples of Lance Corporal Prowse's 1914 Star are in collections, i'm sure when George Prowse gave his life at Ypres in 1914 he hoped he legacy would be to be used on multiple 1914 Stars.........


I've contacted the website regarding my concerns several times, but they just go quiet and then reappear


(please dont pull this thread as i believe i have not said anything liable) 

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     How peculiar   There is a seller on a well-known auction site who is currently listing 7 1914 Stars.   Which is quite curious as the picture is the same for all of them.


     The person concerned appears to have a very low  feedback number- less than 10. Which may suggest that if you have come across this problem before, you might run a previous trading name  to see what has happened to the previous seller.


    The current seller is not in Bulgaria but not that far away either.

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topic well covered on BMF. some are poor copies others just not right. 

advertised as a 14 star which should have Aug Nov banner 1914 but have Aug Nov and 1914-15. 

even fooling collectors, Ive also noticed WW2 stars stamped up with names (not original issues) that are in effect duplicating issues. the stamping on some of the WW1 ones are too precise and with same depth.

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