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george saunders dead mans penny


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a few years ago i sold (regretfully) a dead mans penny and assocatied memorial framed print from Geaorge V and the associated paper slip and cardborad box belonged to

my great uncle GEORGE SAUNDERS  

Regiment: Army Service Corps
Regimental Number: T/391992
Type of Casualty: Died
Theatre of War: Home
Comments: Formerly 8408, 5Th Bedford Regt.



IAM NOW DESPERATE TO repurchase all the items i sold and would apprciate any help in how to go about finding them


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BLARS used to keep a record of Bedfordshire medals which came up for auction. Cant speak with any authority on the content of their records but worth dropping them a line / calling I'd say? 


Are you not able to make direct contact with who bought them?

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