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Remembered Today:

1999, Pte J. S. Thomson, 1/5th Royal Scots – Is he in this photo?


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Dear Forum Members,

I have already posted two requests for information about John Shearer Thomson on the Forum: one in the “Soldiers” section in April 2015; and one in the “Away from the Western Front - Sub-Saharan Africa” section in November 2016. Forgive me for not having the technical know-how to link them to this post.

I have already received a lot of help and information from these two posts, but I thought that I would start a new post to see if there is anyone out there who might be up for the challenge of a bit of detective work. It is also some time since my last post and perhaps there are people who have joined the forum since then who could shed some new light on it. I am also hoping that there might be people who have some expertise at dating photographs, estimating the ages of the people who are pictured, and also linking older photographs of people to their younger selves.

I have attached PDFs of everything I have, and to put it simply the young man in the centre of the family group can only be one of two people: John Shearer Thomson, or his brother James. I have contacted the descendants in South Africa three times, but have never received a reply.

I think it might over-complicate things if I try and explain my theories on who the people could or couldn't be, and it would probably be easier for people to look at the information with a fresh set of eyes.

John Shearer Thomson is one of 168 former pupils and staff who are named on the Perth Academy War Memorial, and I have managed to get photographs of 158 of them from newspapers, school magazines, Rolls of Honour and family members.


This photo could be John, and I find it so frustrating! I just keep coming back to it over and over again. I suppose I would just really like to try and find out “once and for all” who it is, if that is possible.


A bit of a long-shot I know, but you never know do you?


Many thanks,


JS Thomson 1.pdf

JS Thomson 2.pdf

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