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Help with Gnr 155051 James Downs


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Can anybody help me with the following please


Gnr 15505 Gnr James Downs

i can find his MIC, Medal and SWB. Can anybody see anything else please?


i see that he got the SWB for sickness but due to not finding his service record can't find out what it was for.


also the below does it say 4B reserve Batt? If so who were these?image.jpeg.bffd941985f36f47f2e799a43c5a5897.jpeg


thanks D

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Hi D,


FMP have a  MH106 record for him. Admitted 51 FA 19.10.1917, to 63 CCS. Ailment "N.Y.D?  Potts Disease". Unit B/79 Bde.



Image source: Findmypast - WW1 Soldiers' Medal Records






His transfer to 4B Reserve Brigade was probably essentially a paperwork exercise to get him off the establishment list of a 'fighting' unit. This would allow time for treatment/recuperation before a medical board made an assessment of whether he could return to duties in a full or reduced capacity, or if he should be discharged.

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Chris that’s great thanks will go to libruary and get a print of that

cheers D

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