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Visting Clary in October - possible without a car?


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Hi folks


There is an event taking place in the village of Clary in early October that I would like to try and attend. I just wondered if anyone who knew the surrounding area could advise how realistic it would be to get there without a car? I'd be travelling from Scotland - possibly flying or travelling by rail to Lille (depending on cost, travel time, availability etc.)  I do drive, but haven't been driving for that long and I'm not sure I'd be too confident driving in France. I suspect it might be a struggle getting there and getting around without my own transport, but thought I'd ask here in case anyone has local knowledge or has visited the area in the past using public transport.


Thanks in advance





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Hi Barrie,


Just back from visiting Clary, Ligny and Haucourt. It is about a 20 minute drive from Cambrai and is very rural. There are public buses running and most likely to and from Cambrai. It is quite remote and these villages are very small. I would suggest you would really struggle to make structred connections, especially from Lille. May I ask what the event is as I lost a family member in around Clary on 27th August 1914 and am very interested in the place.



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