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Cambridgeshire medical facilities & soldiers with head injuries.

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Dear Forum Pals,


I have been asked by a charity, Headway, to supply them with any information on medical facilities that were used in Cambridgeshire to treat wounded troops, esp if they had head injuries. So if there are any forum pals out there who could possibly supply me with details of any hospitals,convalescent homes, etc in the Cambridgeshire area I would be very grateful. They are aware of the Eastern Hospital that was located in Cambridge but if there are any others please can you reply. 


Also the charity are seeking details of soldiers who received head injuries during the conflict and where they were treated. Does anybody know an easy way of tracing such soldiers? The only way I can think is by trawling through service records on website e.g. Ancestry, but I think that would take an age. If anybody knows of a quick way again please can they reply here.      


many thanks,


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