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:Lithgow Stock (Butt) Marks.

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I am new to this and have recently acquired a Lithgow SMLE 1918 with a host of markings on the stock / butt.

I was wondering whether someone out there could walk me through the marks?

I have ""A (Kangaroo) C in a shield,  2MD, GMF, 7/19, HV and III*. "   I have an idea of some of them but rather than display my ignorance I would welcome any interpretations from anyone who may have come across these before.  Thanks.

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I can answer the easy ones,


2MD = 2nd Military District of Australia 

HV = High Velocity, referring to Mk. VII cartridge 

III* = Three star, the Mark of SMLE which had the magazine cut-off & long range volley sights deleted from the design.

7/19 = July, 1919






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2MD - 2nd Military District, was in essence, the state of New South Wales. The MDs were essentially state-based, starting with 1MD = Qld; 2MD=NSW; 3MD=Victoria; 4MD = South Australia; 5MD=Western Australia, 6MD = Tasmania; 7MD = Northern Territory.



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