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Hello folks,


Presented to you fine fellows is a Burial Index Card for an American World War I soldier. I've got most of this document figured out, but the one thing that is still vexing me is the "R.B. Sketch Number." I have a good idea what it is, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what R.B. stands for! I'm hoping that I can find this man's burial plat map if someone can figure out what the mysterious RB stands for. Been looking for this map for over 8 months so I'm trying to track down every lead that still exists.




Polak, Max1.jpg

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Justin, it is the sketch as in RB Sketch Number - second paragraph.



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8 minutes ago, JOVE23 said:



I don't see a reference to RB in this document?




I suspect he is referring to the sketch which was mentioned as being used for re-burials. That would tie in with the 'sketch' mentioned on the form.


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1 hour ago, ph0ebus said:

Got your PM, sorry I am late to the thread!


I don't know if it connects or not but I found a reference to RB Sketches being Rifle Brigade sketches.  No idea how legitimate this is, but link below for the source:





Possible, but I don't see why the Rifle Brigade would be doing sketches for American graves

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