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May I draw the attention of colleagues to the following diary, which is Lot 210 at Strides of Chichester on Thursday of next week.  As far as I can tell, the only man who fits the bill is Russell-Vyvyan Steele, whose biography is easily found on RAMC websites.  As usual, I have no commercial connection with the auctioneers, nor any commercial interst in the lot. Posted  only for the information that such an item actually exists, whatever it's fate against the hammer.



Lot 210

RAMC DIARY, 1915: diary notebook of Lt. R Steele of the RAMC, commencing April 1915 with departure from Southampton to France: approx 50+ pages, pencil written in a fairly legible hand, much frontline detail...'passed through Ypres - truly a city of the dead..streets in ruins..great shell holes in the ground, houses in flame': several sketches of battlefield scenes and individuals encountered: 12mo diary, green cloth covers, generally in good condition: worthy of further research. (1) 

Estimate: £50 - £80

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