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Remembered Today:

One Ger. commander said he could always ID a Q.ship

Felix C

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Served in the Med. Said he could always tell because something was off with them.  I think it was that only caucasian crew were visible. 
Does anyone recall his name? 

I read the narrative elsewhere earlier this year and now cannot find the source. I should have jotted it down at the time. Arrgh.

I should always have a notebook and pencil handy. 

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Indeed it is. Thanks and amazing. I have to ask. Did you already possess this answer or what special set of skills do you have to find it so quickly? 

Damn. Pardon my language. But Damn again. That is sharp work on your part.

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Becker Franz    Capt Naval    UC 14 Pola Flotilla 1916 to UC 20 Pola Flotilla 1916-17 to UB 50 Pola/Mittelmeer I Flotilla 1917-18     1916-18     (1881 - 1980) Royal House Order of Hohenzollern 41 ships sunk with a total of 81,926 GRT + 1 warship sunk (Italian Battleship Regina Margherita) with a total of 13,427 tons

He sunk one Q ship


6 Apr 1918  UB 50    Madeleine III Q-ship 149 flag_france_s.png fr






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here a rather rare photo of members of the Uboots=Flottille Mittelmeer into which the Pola Flottilla was integrated. The Cap Tally was issued on 1st Dec 1916.

Note the Gallipoli Star on the summer-dresses of some of the men.



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