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Can anyone find this casualty


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I have a death plaque to a David John Kearns and for the life of me ( even with all the war dead databases available to me) I simply cannot find this guy. I searched in the Ozzies, Canadians and British Army, even the CGWC, did I find him? ...nope not a sniff!!

Go ahead....make my day.Who was he?



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Guest Pete Wood

Did you find out what the second name of this guy was??:


It's a low number and, if I'm right (that this is David John), he was discharged and later died of his injuries. If he died after the CWGC cut-off dates, but it was 'proved' (by a doctor, and accepted by the War Office) that he died of injuries/disesase brought on by war service, his next of kin would have received a plaque - but his name would NOT be commemorated by the CWGC.

Is it not worth downloading his MIC card....??

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Would you believe it, I never thought of looking up his mic!!

Cangratulations you are a wonder!!.

Go to the top of the class.

Now I can do a bit of digging..

Thanks again.

regards.# Tom.

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