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RE Wksp Output - 3rd Ypres


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This extract is from Passchendaele, a New History - Nick Lloyd. A few things I`m not clear about - can anyone help?

1/ Trench boards - same as duckboards?

2/ Mule tracks - what were they like?

3/ I`d never thought of latrines sent up to the front line. What kind of latrine would be made up in a workshop for supply into the salient? And why only 10?

4/ 8000 pit props - in Flanders mud, what for? I can`t imagine use in a shellhole, so maybe for gun positions?:unsure:

IMG_2599 (800x471).jpg

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1. For bracing the side of a trench in soft ground?

2.  I wasn't sure about this one, I thought it might be for tethering mules to.

3.  No idea.

4. For bracing dug outs?


I must admit when I read the book I just took it that it was a lot, but with no figures to compare it to I just took it on trust.

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Hello Phil


Just guesses:

1. As suggested by the previous poster.

2. Possibly short planks joined together by ropes, which could be rolled up for transport and laid out like a carpet when needed.

3. Probably not single latrines, but multi-occupant, maybe for the use of troops taking over trenches from our less fastidious allies, or when new trenches have been dug.

4. Either for bracing dug-outs, or for tunnelling.



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If Godby is the CRE of II Corps then perhaps the diary would shed some light and/or be the original source?


Does it read that all the constructed items including latrines were sent up to the front line?


RE diaries frequently have nice plans and drawings.


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