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2nd Lt Arthur H G EVANS POW 1914

Perth Digger

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On the official form sent to Berlin seeking information on a possible POW, 2nd Lt CH Evans of 2nd Border Regiment, the German response that they had in captivity only 2nd Lt Arthur H.G. Evans, at Crefeld. I can't find this POW in Cox and Co's List of British Officers taken prisoner 1914-1918. Does anyone know to which regiment he belonged? I think the initials are correct.





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The closest I get is Arthur MG Evans of the 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers, captured 30 Oct 1914. ICRC have a card for him here

Would probably be your man.


I see there are 4 cards at ICRC for your Charles Heyland Evans, also captured 26 Oct 1914.

edit - don't miss the back of the cards as well.



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Thanks, Charlie, that will be the man. I mistook M for H on the Berlin reply (AND missed him in the Officers' List). I need to wake up.


Evans was captured but died on the battlefield, possibly by the Germans shooting him after he protested at a soldier's mistreatment. It's in the Border Regiment's history. I've got a thread going on Evans at the moment.  As I'm interested in the missing, the ICRC can be a useful reference, even if they were not POWs, as the families' requests for information are still recorded there, with the usual comment, Rien.



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