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Sgts. Andrew and John Glencross MM


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Unusually (?) two brothers were awarded Military Medals and the announcement appeared on the same page of the London Gazette.

LG 12/9/1916 p.9000 - 12441 Sjt. A. Glencross, R. Highrs. 60199 Sjt. J. Glencross, R.F.A.

Andrew as Private 4150 with the 12th Lancers and John as Gunner 60199 RFA had both landed in France in August 1914.

John died of wounds on 2 October 1916 while Andrew, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Black Watch, was killed on 18 April 1918.

According to his medal card Andrew was commissioned on 19 June 1917 but I cannot trace this in the Gazette.

Can anyone find it please?



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5th Supplement of London Gazette of 14th August 1917  (16th August 1917) Gazette no., 30235.



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Thanks for that Bob (and for the other material you sent)

I final found his entry. Entering "Glencross" with that date gets nothing but entering "Andrew" and up it pops!

The text on the page reads GLENCROSS but copying the entry gives you this


War Office, 16th August, 1917.
The undermentioned Wt. and N.C.O.'s to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field:—

R. Highrs.—24th June 1917: — Serjt. Walter Balmain. Serjt. Andrew Glencroes



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