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59th & 18th Battalions, Machine Gun Corps - Divisional Affiliation and Location


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I would be very grateful for help in establishing the divisional affiliations and locations of these two battalions of the Machine Gun Corps in which Thames Ditton men were killed in the spring of 1918:


59th Battalion, 30 March 1918 - casualty reported killed in accident, but nonetheless commemorated on Arras Memorial to the missing


18th Battalion, 17 May 1918 - casualty buried in Warlon-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme


Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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The battalions served with the divisions with the same numbers. Their War Diaries can be downloaded from the Kew Website for £3.50 each, or from Ancestry if you have a subscription. Here are the references:


WO 95/2028 18 Battalion Machine Gun Corps 1918 Feb. - 1919 Mar.  
WO 95/3017 59 Battalion Machine Gun Corps 1918 Mar. - Apr.  

War Diaries rarely mention individuals by name other than officers, but numbers of casualties each day are nearly always given, and the location of the unit, with a short description of its activities, is given on each day.


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Thank you very much - I should have known that!  I suspect that the March casualty might have been from 59th Company, which became part of 20th Battalion in the same month, but checking the war diary at TNA on my next visit should clarify the situation.



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