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injury date in relation to casualty list date

Sue L

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Hello all


I know from his service record that Frank Cook (Army Service Corps, T4/043411) was injured by shrapnel in the face and left knee on 25th March 1918.  He was treated at 24th General Hospital and then in Newhaven from 1 April.


He appears in the war office casualty lists for 7th May 1908


Was it normal for the casualty lists to be 5-6 weeks behind the event in this way?? 

Would that suggest that other men who appear in the casualty lists were wounded a month or so before their name appears or is it too random to be predictable??


Thanks in anticipation

Sue L

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Typically 4 weeks after the event is a good guide. But no guarantee. With the chaos of the Spring Offensive and British retreat there must have been a lot of paperwork to process and uncertainty over all those initially reported missing.  So in this case the 5-6 weeks is not surprising.



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thanks Charlie





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