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Who was Lt Christopher Ernest Harris, 59 Scinde R. ?

Kimberley John Lindsay

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Dear GWF members,

Lieutenant (16 May 1917) Christopher Ernest Harris, IARO, was attached 59th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force) as a 2Lt on 29 May 1916.

He probably saw service in Mesopotamia, Relief of Kut, etc., and possibly subsequently, Palestine...

I have his IARO commission document, and wonder if an Officer Group Photograph is known to any of our GWF aficionados?

A Goodie from my military bookshelves will be the reward (wow!), plus loads of good-will and thanks!

Kindest regards,


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Some background to get things going:

Christopher Ernest Harris was born 15 April 1875

He married, on 19/11/12 , Emily Tolman at Colaba, Bombay ( Marriage cert may provide useful info?)

For the 1939 Register he was described as Capt, IA Retd, living in Maidstone with his wife and son, Christopher R, (b 15/1/13, Booking Clerk, Wine Merchants) .

I believe he died at Maidstone that same year.



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Emily Harris nee Tolman, b 1890? daughter of James Tolman    (1939 register says 7/2/1892 ?)


CE Harris's father was Christopher Harris

source transcript (incomplete)  marriage cert

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Dear Charlie,

This is invaluable information, many thanks indeed! 

I note that the rather-old son Christopher R. Harris was still living at home with the parents - perhaps helping with the ailing and soon deceased parent, erstwhile IARO Capt Harris.

The latter died leaving a very modest amount of money, although this is interesting in itself, of course.

By all means beam me a Personal Message with your name and address details and a Goodie will be sent out from Hemmingen, okay?

I see that the 59th Scinde Rifles (FF) was militarily highly regarded. Relevant War Diaries exist which encompass Harris' service, namely WO95/5109/2 (1 Jan 1916 to 30 Apr 1918), and WO95/4702 (1 May 1918 to 28 Feb 1920), although whether the attd IARO Harris got any sort of mention is questionable.

Furthermore, a paperback Regtl history by Capt D. M. Lindsey (nomen est omen) is available: "Regimental History of the 6th Royal Batalion 13th Frontier Force Rifles (Scinde), 1843-1923". This includes a Roll of British Officers, as well as photographs, but here again, doubtful if Harris should be identified. Perhaps the NAM has a 1916-19 Officers Group Photo...?

Kindest regards,


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