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Artillery men in Varennes Cemetery.

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I have just returned from a trip to the Somme area to visit the grave of my Gt Uncle at the cemetery at Varennes on the centenary of his death.  He was in the R.A. Whilst there I took pictures of 44 headstones of other RA soldiers in Varennes Cemetery. I will list them here. if you would like a copy of the photo just ask.

Name     Initial     D of D
Allison  F. 05-Apr-18
Barlow R. 01-Apr-18
Blackmore C.L. 14-Mar-17
Bradbury  A 08-Mar-17
Bradford S.G. 05-Apr-18
Brown D.M.C.A. 14-May-18
Bullimore J.W. 18-Mar-17
Cross J.W. 05-Apr-18
De Courcy-Parry Donald G. 05-Apr-18
Dentith R. 12-Apr-18
Denton B. 15-Mar-17
Flowers G.E. 13-Mar-17
Fox T.H. 31-Mar-18
Griffiths E 09-Aug-18
Grundy S.G. 05-Apr-18
Hay Gosse  MC William 05-Apr-18
Hitchinson  MM W. 05-Apr-18
Hogg A. 12-Apr-18
Hopper J. 16-Apr-18
Isle J.C.  10-Mar-17
Jennings  H.J. 16-Dec-16
Judson H 13-Mar-17
Kelly J.E. 22-Apr-18
Lothian S.G. 19-Sep-18
Malone C.T. 12-Apr-18
McConville F 17-May-18
Mickelfield J.W. 21-Sep-18
Moloney A 16-Dec-16
Nevilles J. 14-Mar-17
Newman  Frederick 21-Apr-18
Nicklin W.L. 13-Apr-18
Parker  W.H. 23-Jan-17
Perry  G.H. 31-Mar-18
Pridmore H.Q. 09-Aug-18
Riddell J 23-Apr-18
Slee J 02-Apr-18
Snell     MM G. 16-Mar-17
Sterne Herbert Thomas 05-Apr-18
Strang J.T. 18-May-18
Thompson T 19-May-18
Tinhay A.J. 13-Apr-18
Ward W 19-Sep-18
Williams T.D. 05-Apr-18
Wood F 23-Dec-16

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It would be useful if you could add them to the Find A Grave website as most of the photos on the Varennes Military Cemetery are distant low resolution photos.


The link to Varennes Military Cemetery is here

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That's very kind. Might you post a photo of George Edward Flowers headstone please? 



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