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33186 Gunner Richard George Steele RFA


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Trying to find out a little bit more about this chap. Born in Cahir, Tipperary in 1886 he joined the RFA in Jan 1904. I have located his Service Record and Medal Roll Index entry for his 1914 Star but would like to find his MIC. No luck so far. Really just want to confirm that he was part of 23rd Bde RFA at the outbreak of the war and what date he landed in France. Believed to be 19 Aug 14 but not sure. Finally he seems to have lived to a ripe old age and died in Birmingham in 1969 although that to is TBC. Any help on this one very gratefully received.


Many thanks in advance



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I note he was in the Daily List suggesting wounding mid November 1917. Don't know if this is evident from Service Record ?


R G  Steel


Gunner 33186

Home Town / Place of Enlistment  Charlton, S.E.

Daily List Date         22nd December 1917

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I've glanced at his service record, muddled with others and fire/water damaged.

I see he was 108 Bty 23 Bde in 1914.

I also see that his wounding date was 9/11/17.



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Thanks Charlie,


That's absolutely brilliant. Much appreciated.


Best regards



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