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Remembered Today:

Cavalry and Tanks

Gareth Davies

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I have been out on some very familiar battlefields this weekend but I have been looking at them from a slightly different perspective. I started in the Salient with the action of the 9th Lancers at Messines in 1914 before heading to Hooge to look at their actions in 1915. The former is where Maj Abadie was killed (thank you @Liz in Eastbourne for your excellent book on the family). 


I then headed to the Somme but rather than go to the traditional 1 Jul 16 sites I went to the right flank at Maricourt before heading to High Wood and the cavalry action of 14 July. I then moved slightly east to the site of Harold Mortimore's history making action of 15 Sep 16 before heading south to Cambrai. 


As I often say on Twitter, a day without a tank is a day wasted, so I had to pop in to see Deborah (I have been having an affair with her for 20 years), and then I headed out to look at some actions from September 1918.


And to finish it off I popped to the 4 and 7 RTR memorial in Arras. Their action in May 1940 has many links to the Great War including the GOC (Martel), an OC (Hedderwick, killed in 1940 just a few hundred metres from where he was fighting in 1917).


I'm now on the train heading to Lille to pick up the Eurostar. The last photo below is Railway Triangle.









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An excellent trip by the sounds of it Gareth, and fine photographs. What is the long cornfield panorama of? I feel I should know as it looks familiar.......



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That's the view south west from High Wood/London Cemetery.

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I visited the two padres last year - there should be a thread somewhere on the Forum (I think)

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I found a thread on one of them.

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