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Legs Eleven

Guest Adam Klein

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The original was published in 1940. In the 1990's John Burridge Military Publications in Perth did a number of runs of facsimilie copies. These days you will only get a copy for about $200.00...if you are lucky. An original would fetch much more. I suggest you have a look on ABE Books and a number of book websites to see if you can find a copy. I leant the original I had to someone a few years ago and it promptly dissappeared. I recently purchased a facsimilie copy for $140.00 and was quite chuffed to get it so cheap.


Andrew P is from WA and may have some other advice regarding how to get hold of one.


Tim D

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Hi Adam

Tim is correct. Hopefully you might be able to find a 'Legs Eleven' floating around for purchase.

The other option is to purchase the other book on the 11th Battalion that was recently released and is about $60.

It's by Ian Gill and it's called 'Fremantle to France'. Last I heard there was still a few around for purchse. It might be best to try 'Imprimatur Books' or 'Books and Collectables'. Sorry don't have their website address handy but a quick search in google will get it.



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