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Volunteer Force 1914 - 1919

Wienand Drenth

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Some time ago, I posted a request for information related to the histories of the various units of the Volunteer Force, the Great War equivalent of the WWII Home Guard. My primary interest is to obtain lineages of the various county regiments and the related units.

With two Volunteer Force Lists (Army List equivalent) and some random searches in the London Gazette, I was able to put together an outline lineage of the corps' that were in existence. This resulted in a county by county listing of units, which I think is more or less complete with respect to giving the units present. The details per unit is far less complete, often restricted to dates taken from the VF List. Also pre-1916 information is lacking largely.

I am interested to find others who are doing some research in this area, so to fill in gaps and information that is missing. My objective then it so put together a more of less consise overview of the Volunteer Force with emphasis on its units, and to a lesser extent details on its operation and organisation. People with such an interest and how would to see the document I compiled, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,


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