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What Regiment?

Robin Garrett

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The attached photo came from my wife's family, although she is not sure who he was. As a Light Infantryman, I am no expert on Scottish uniforms, so would be grateful if someone could identify the regiment. The family came from the Highlands.


he has no medal ribbons, so presumably he hadn't served abroad at the time the photo was taken. He has what I think is a marksman's badge on the left forearm of his tunic.



Unknown Scottish Soldier.jpg

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I would agree, Cameron Highlanders.  There is no Highland knot on his glengarry backing the badge, so not a regular.  He wears a sporran implying TF.  The soldier has on a simplified service dress jacket suggesting the photo may have been taken late 1914 - early 1915.  The spats also point toward a late 1914 timeframe.

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