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Island of Bute Regimental connection?


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I'm ignorant of the recruitment of Scotsman during the Great War, so hoping the learned among you can inform me, please.


Would someone recruited from the Island of Bute be destined for a particular regiment?  In other words, were Scottish units in the Great War recruited along geographical lines? I'm particularly interested in what unit/units men from Bute are most likely to serve with.


Sorry if this is an elementary question!



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It's not an elementary question. It is quite a common one and there are no clear answers!


Scottish infantry regiments were mainly, but not exclusively, recruited from geographical areas. Bute was part of the area recruiting for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. There was also a Buteshire Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery, based at Rothesay. I could not find any specific references to Bute among the list of the other Scottish Territorial Force units.


Regiments and corps other than infantry recruited more generally, and not necessarily in Scotland.







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The Rothesay war memorial has 240 names for WW1 and shows a wide range of service. Original local territorial battalion was 1/8th A&SH who mobilised at Dunoon at the outbreak of the war.

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