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Help with trench map for KIA


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Hi I am looking at 

Dvr 41746 Henry E Edmonds 

HQ, 186 Bgde RFA


who died on the 5th Dec 1917 when a bomb was dropped from a plane and landed on the HQ killing him and two others. Another died nearby. All are buried next to each other in Vlamertinghe Mil Cem.


in the Bgde diary it states they were at Vlamertinghe and a map ref below, can locate a trench map of this location please?0148D169-CF27-4C67-9349-9BC2FAF2F52D.jpeg.3679d490fb32d64365ed059cd150ca0f.jpeg

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Chris as usual thanks v much. It’s good that people like you help us muggles on here as we would never get anywhere. 

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Here are the four locations near Vlamertinge, from tmapper.com:



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