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Officer’s greatcoat hangar?

Captain Croft

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Hi all,


Im currently putting together Sam brown set for re-enactment and I’m trying to make it as complete as possible with all the extras!


I keep seeing “Great coat hangar” listed on adverts from period outfitters as one of the available extras for the Sam Browne.


can anyone shed any light on what this looks like, and even better where to find either a solid original or a repro?


Thanks in advance!

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OK, I've found a reproduction of 2 types of officer's greatcoat harness! They both seem to use a shoulder strap, although one is detachable, presumably for clipping to a sam browne (I believe you could get extra fitting loops for them).

So my next question is how should the greatcoat be rolled with these? Folded and rolled like a short "barrel" of fabric hanging at the waist? Or a longer bundle diagonally across the back?

Kings regs states that officers in marching order should have the greatcoat "at the belt" so I assume it's the former, but have yet to find a single image of one being carried, presumably as it only happened when marching to-from the front.

Anyone got an image out there?




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the images you have posted are not accurate for an original, the shoulder strap clips are modern as are the buckles on the leather straps. Similarly the two original ones I've seen have leather ends to the canvas strap.The D ring is held in place with couple of rivets on the leather tab.The D should sit below the strap and be retained with another strip of leather sewn in place. If you need a very good repro please send me pm and I may be able to help.



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These are both from Military history workshop who I've not used before, I did wonder about those clips! To be honest though I'm only really after the leather straps as I'll be wearing it from the sam browne as per the photos I've seen in the past, and the regulation that says "worn at the belt". That being said it also seems the clip is attached to the wrong part, they should surely be on the leather straps, with rings on the shoulder strap.

Another question I do have... how on earth do you correctly fold a greatcoat for these, the only references I can find are for folding then in a horseshoe over a pack.

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