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Gareth Davies

Americans in Europe - AEF Photos/Diaries/Letters

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Gareth Davies

I was at the Passnchendael museum yesterday with Dan Hill and we into an American gentleman, Dr Andrew Armstrong, who was there with his sons and grandson. We got chatting. His father (Andrew Armstrong Snr) had fought in the AEF in 1918 and then stayed in Europe in the Army of Occupation. he took some photos and kept a diary while he was in Europe, and also of course wrote home, and some of these photos, letters and diary entries are available on their family website:


Photos: http://www.aflab.com/archive/photo1/main00.html


Diary: http://www.aflab.com/archive/diary/page00.html


Letters: http://www.aflab.com/archive/letters2/ltr-ltr2-00.html

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