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Is there a way to search historic auction catalogues, and get alerts for medals?


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Pardon me if this is a silly question, but my knowlege of the world of auctions is limited to occasional viewing of Antiques Road Trip and re-runs of Lovejoy....


Till sometime in the late 70s my mum had her dad's medals (victory medal, british war medal, 15 star and the Kings South Africa), however they went missing; we suspect her reprobate alcholic brother nicked them and sold them to buy drink!  My sister and I accept that there probably isn't a cat in hell's chance that we'll ever rediscover them, but is there any way to search for medals sold at auction, or be alerted if they ever come up? It would be nice to know they still exist somewhere...

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firstly you could post his details here.

then join the saleroom, they deal with many auction houses and set up an alert.


the on ebay you can set up a search and keep it so they alert when and if any similar named comes up. note not too much info or get too much.

then could post on the BMF


finally do a google search

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Chaz's last suggestion is the most useful. I have found medals several times online with local interest. On enquiry I was told that I had stumbled upon an archived auction sale and the medals were no longer available. 


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I will add, as Dave said, I enquired about a googled medal and was told it hadn't been sold but as long as I met his reserve I could have it. I probably wouldn't have bid the reserve at next auction but chances are , it could have sold next time for more than reserve...

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