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When I came to access the records of Joseph Gregory they appeared to have disappeared fron the site

I was using, I tried twice !  so I wonder if some one would kindly check to see if possible if his parents were William

and Selina or wife Mary then I would know if I should continue the search, many thanks.

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Hi, yes thats where I found him but the second and third times the records for him went missing, I think he may be my Gt uncle

I have him on 91 01 and 1911 census but was hoping for some info to link him to my family, the army records may have given

next of kin ?  also it said he died 27/10/1918 and was in Shropshire light infantry 7th batt.  This ties in with a old photo of two

young soldiers with my Gt Grandfather, His Brother William I know about, but I would be surprised if Joseph had died because

it was never mentioned.


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Would anyone be able to share an image of the cap badge of the Shropshire Light Infantry worn during the Great War, please? I presume the cap badge did not include the KSLI initials until after 1920, is this a correct assertion?

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I asked a forum member this question, too. The question of KSLI shoulder titles had come up, and whether or not they appeared postwar. There is a photo of 7th Battalion KSLI resting at a roadside during the Battle of Arras, taken on 18 May 1917 by war photographer Ernest Brooks. At least one of the seated men has KSLI shoulder titles. The picture is in the IWM Collection, reference Q 2157, and can be shared and reused for non-commercial purposes.

Similarly in the IWM Collection are "Bond of Sacrifice" photos, and some deceased men can be seen with KSLI cap badges. Once such example is:

Second Lieutenant Charles Robert Blackett.

Unit: 2nd Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

Death: 25 April 1915 Ypres Western Front
IWM reference: HU 113916

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quoted from the following link:


With the adoption of badges for the new forage cap, in 1898 they adopted an amended version of the strung bugle badge, having the initials “KSLI” between top and bottom bars inserted below the stringing. The Regimental title changed in 1921 to The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry but the badge remained the same until 1958



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