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British Attempt to Assassinate the Kaiser Uncovered!


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Hm, the Allies tried bombing where Kaiser Wilhelm II was several times, so this is nothing new. I know they tried it when he was at Fourth Army HQ in Tielt late 1914 already IIRC. In August 1917, when the Kaiser was visiting Flanders, extra aircraft were in the air to prevent Allied bombers to reach the areas he visited.



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 Hmm- The Indie story gets a little lost on whether the  British  had specific knowledge that Billy 2  was at that location when bombed- or whether it was a target due to  it's use for German Intelligence. Matters seems to be unclear. The use of words such as "probably", "likely" and "may"  does not help.  But it's a rattling good yarn and let's see what John Hughes-Wilson has to  say in his book.

    It is somewhat inconsistent to say,for instance, that a previous attack on a location where Billy2 was thought to be was met by heavy defensive air cover,while that featured in this book did not. 800 rounds of MG? And no German aircraft to chase them off??  A strong indication that the British knew he was not there. But,dastardly or not ( I am sure that the British would never do anything that deserved the term) nothing wrong with a bit of discomfiture to the King's Enemies. 

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I'm not sure 'assassinate' is the right word, either. Surely that would imply underhand tactics or subterfuge (maybe lacing his wine with poison, or inserting an exploding hamster into his collection of rodents) ... bombing seems a little too out in the open, somehow.

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