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Von Richthofen - Halberstadt or Albatross?


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Hello all


Could someone tell me what aircraft Von Richthofen was flying on 21 March 1917, when he shot down his 29th victim, a 16 Sqn BE2 with Quicke & Lidsey on board? 'Under the Guns of the Red Baron' states it was a Halberstadt, but I'm not sure about this - was it in fact an Albatross? Grateful for any thoughts/Comments

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Hi Snapper

In Jon Guttmans book 2009 book “The origin of the Fighter Aircraft”   he states that


He then scored a victory in the Albatros D.II on 9 March, but his Albatros D.III was grounded for the rest of the month so he switched again to a Halberstadt D.II.He returned to his Albatros D.III on 2 April 1917 and scored 22 victories in it before switching to the Albatros D.V in late June.


Hope that might shed some light, but I would still check it out with further research



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Well, that makes it a conundrum! Over on the Aerodrome Forum, someone quoted this:


Only MvR's 1 Feb victory can be undeniably figured as being achieved on a Halberstadt, bearing in mind the DIII's were grounded after events of 24 Jan 17. Modification were completed 7 Feb and the grounding order was officially rescinded 19 Feb, but it is clear the Jastas had resumed DIII ops prior to that, as Js 1's Ltn von Carlowitz was shot down in British lines on DIII 1990/16 on 13 Feb 17.

I would put little store in British reports of Halberstadters in the first three months of 1917; first of all they had no captured examples until 15 Feb and information pertaining to that took time to disseminate. It is abundantly clear to me, calling upon day to day combat data, that 'Halberstadters' were a British 'best guess' for the new DIII's in the first three months of 1917, until data pertaining to intact examples of captured DIII's began to disseminate late April 17.

It is my understanding Js 11's last Halberstadt scout was returned to AFP 6 on 28 Feb.


Curiouser and curiouser...

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