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Remembered Today:

Pte W Harrison 2813 Cheshire Reg


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i am looking for some guidance regarding of my men, Walter Harrison, 52901, 21st Manchester battalion. KIA 24th Oct 1917 (probably 26th)

on his SDGW entry in the supplementary notes it says :-


i have searched the NA site for another medal card but have only found his Manc one

is the low (cheshire's) number significant? would he have been a regular? any thoughts?



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The number is Territorial one. I can't be any more precise about dates than it is "not early", in my view.

So, if I was to speculate, I would say that he joins the Cheshires, probably not earlier that mid-1916. Doesnt serve abroad with them (hence no MIC reference) and is transferred to the Mancs when he goes overseas.


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cheers mate

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