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3rd (Reserve) Garrison Bn RWF


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Does anyone know if the 3rd (Reserve) Garrison Bn RWF was ever at the Bebington Showground Wirral? If so, when? I know from the LLT that they were formed in February 1916 and moved around various parts of North Wales before going to Ireland in November 1917, but there is no mention of the Bebington Showground. I know the 4th Garrison Bn were formed at Bebington in April 1916.

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Hello abbrover


The following is from E A James' British Regiments 1914-1918:


3rd (Reserve) Garrison Battalion.

Formed at Wrexham Feb 1916. Nov 1916 to Abergele then Rhyl and Gobowen. June 1917 Oswestry Nov 1917 to Ireland at Cork. Mar 1918 to Crosshaven where it remained.


4th Garrison Bn was at Bebington from its formation on 15 April 1916 until it went to France in June 1916 but, as you can see, there was no mention of Bebington for 3rd.



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Thanks Ron. The reason I ask is that I have a photo and under it is written 3rd (R) Garr RWF Bebington, which suggests they were there, but I can't find any evidence that supports this

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Try contacting member BillyH who has an interest in Bebington.



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My ears have been burning for a couple of hours!

I do have an interest in Bebington (Higher and Lower!) but it doesn't really stretch to the RWF.

However, this did ring a bell in my rapidly diminishing brain cells and I have come up with the following old thread which confirms that the 3rd Garrison Bn. RWF were at the the Bebington Showground in May 1916 (and it's a good story too) :





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