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WW1 Medals auction


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Ever since I won an auction (WW2 German mutter creutz) way back I receive a Corbitts catalogue, there are lots of WW1 trios,pairs,singles and oddments in this current catalogue, far too many for me to list , if any pal is prepared to upload the page images and put them on here let me know , I am no good at resizing images and all that stuff. I can photograph the pages and email them , that I can do. Any interest out there. Ralph. Auction date 12th June 2018 Newcastle.

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1 hour ago, ralphjd said:

Fairy snuff :thumbsup:


    Most, if not all auctioneers, would go bust nowadays if they did not put their catalogues online. Ah-the good old days as a bookseller-when occasionally you could go to an auction and there was no one else there. Unlike now- online and outbid by someone in Timbuctoo.

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