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Army Field Artillery Brigade - 52 Brigade RFA


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Hopefully this is the right Forum.

I am researching a local Gunner who was KiA when in "D" Battery, LII / 52nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery according to the CWGC site.

It seems that 52nd Brigade was transferred from the 9th (Scottish) Division o8 January 1917 to become an 'Army Field Artillery Brigade'.

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether they came under a Division, or more importantly, whether there should be any War Diaries and under which heading these might appear.  I have searched TNA and the Ancestry War Diaries, but don't have the right headings to input.

Any help or pointers would be most welcome.

My thanks,

John Frearson - Researching the Rugby War Memorial.

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Hi John,


I think that the diary you need is here at the National Archives. As 'Army Troops' Ancestry won't have it. They took their cut at the divisional level, and below.




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Hi Chris,

Thank you for such a very prompt and helpful reply.  I have been able to download it from the TNA site - from the diary, it seems that they were a motor transport section doing various tasks - I shall check for any other similar entries which may show other RFA groups etc.

If anyone else needs a look-up, just ask,

My thanks again,

John Frearson

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John:  52nd Brigade RFA was an Army Field Artillery Brigade, RFA, an artillery unit, the last part of the 52nd Brigade RFA war diary at TNA contains the war diary for 52nd Army Brigade, RFA Park Section which is an Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport unit attached to the Brigade.  Your Gunner would have been with 52nd Army Brigade, not with the Park Section, ASC.



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52 AFA Brigade at NA is WO 95/203/4 for 1917 onwards.

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