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RFA sub-sections - help requested


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Can any pal help clarify how RFA sub-sections were named, please? 


From what I've seen, the two sub-sections in a 4-gun RFA battery were sometimes called the left-hand and the right-hand sub-sections.  And when the batteries were expanded to have 6 guns the three sub-sections were sometimes called the left-hand, centre and right-hand sub-sections. 


But the sub-sections were also known by letters, and I've seen references for example to E sub-section, F sub-section and G sub-section. 


Can any pal help explain how these two naming conventions work together? 





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Left, right and centre were sections rather than sub-sections, and consisted of two guns each (with their ammunition wagons). The subsections were lettered A to F, from right to left across the battery. I have never seen a G sub-section: it might be an extra gun attached temporarily, or a mis-reading or mis-transcription of C.



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Thanks Ron - that clears up my confusion!  And, going back to where I'd seen "G" sub-section hand-written onto a photo, yes I can see that it could well be a slightly oddly formed "C". 


Thanks again,



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