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1st Bn Duke of Cornwall's LI - 1914 BEF Embarkation


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Dear All, does anyone have a list of DCLI's officers who embarked for Le Havre from Dublin on SS Lanfranc 13/14th  August 1914?  Nothing in WD, or History or Westlake.


Also any backgrounds inc DofB etc on 3 Special Reserve Officers:


Lt F C B Savile - wounded at Le cateau & also in April 1915, later RFC & RAF post-war. Medal List - WO/372/17/178073

Lt V Fox - wounded 21st Oct 1914 at Givenchy/Lorgies

Lt T A Kendall - ibid


Many thanks, Nick

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An RAF record on FMP for F C B Savile has him as Francis Charles Beresford Saville - no DoB shown.


From the long number files at the National Archives for T A Kendall



He appears to have served post war and been born on 20th June 1892.



His MC appears to have been an honours award


Image source: The National Archives - file WO 389/1







Saville might have been born 16th August 1894.


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Thanks Chris, this is most helpful. Unfortunately I don't have Ancestry but good to know.


It is surprising that once you have a few bits of extra info such as forenames everything opens up.


Aug 1894 may be a little late for Savile(Army List spelling) as he was a lieutenant in Aug '14, promoted in April 1914.  A few months later into the war nothing unusual but pre-war SR lieutenant at 19?


Best Regards, Nick


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Dear Chris, looks like you were quite correct on FCB Savile.  My Heritage confirms - 1894- 1970.

Also shows he married at 24 in 1918.


Best, Nick

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..........more on FCB Savile.  Looks like he had cadet experience at Kelly College(Tavistock) and then was a SR probationary 2nd Lt in January 1913.  Gained Regular commission in October 1914.



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