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Tunic I


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I am having trouble with identifying this greatcoat! I know that in the Great War they were singles breasted, but I have seen some photos with double breasted being worn. This greatcoat was a private purchase to an officer of the RAMC, and unfortunately there are no labels present. However, all the original KC brass buttons are, and the maker is Jennen of London which dates them to pre 1924 when the company folded. The other baffling things are the collar closures, and the straps on the inside of the coat. I am guessing it was for a mounted officer and the straps went between the legs to keep the coat in place, but I could be wrong! I am also unsure as to whether it is in fact a WW1 item or between the war. I have never seen another Greatcoat like this one.

any input would be greatly appreciated 

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Was your previous comprehensively answered thread somehow insufficient? :mellow:



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Andrew - I suspect this was a false start for the OP's other new topic, which is indeed about a (non-Great War) tunic.  Rather it was - it's been Closed as it was off topic - :thumbsup:


The editor probably launched with the text from his great coat topic carried forward and the OP, bamboozled, posted the text again!


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