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My name is Cody and I'm interested in the history of The Great War as well as family history and I'm new to the forum. There's a lot I wish that I knew about my great grandfather (in the attached pictures) and I was hoping I might be able to get some answers as I investigate his life.


I'd like to start with these two pictures and with the little bit of info that I have on him. His name is Robert Andrews and I know that he served in the Canadian military and, according to his service record, he rose up to Lieutenant. Much of his service record is difficult to read for me because of cursive script. What I would like to know is:

In the picture with two people (my great grandfather is the one sitting down), is anyone able to identify the medals he is wearing? Anything else on the uniform?


With the picture of him and the dog, what are some of the main differences in his uniforms of the two pictures? From what era(s) are these uniforms during The Great War?


Any other tidbits or information you may find helpful to me would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



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The chap sitting appears to be Air force as he has "wings" above his medals and his medals from left to right  look like Military Cross, either a 1914 star or 1914-15 star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. This photo has too be post war as he has his medals.

This is a Canadian awarded a Military Cross (M.C.) but he was with Mounted Rifles.

https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30507/supplement/1606 this is the announcement of the MC LG 4 Feb 1918

https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30780/supplement/7930 this is the citation of the MC LG 2 Jul 1918

These are other LC entries for him


https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/32520/supplement/9131 This may not be him???/





The second photo he is an OR, looks like he has no rank so private and a medical.


Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will be able to give more info.



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His Military Cross was awarded for his actions at Saurce Farm on 30/31 October 1917. This, I believe, is Source Farm, Westroobeeke the modern co-ordinates are (from a gazetteer) 50°54.498’N  2°59.849’E


Andrews, Lt. Robert, M.C. date and action.JPG

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It looks to me as if he started his service with the Canadian Army Medical Corps as an other rank and deployed to France & Flanders as he is wearing the British pattern service dress that was issued to men of the Canadian Corps on deployment.  The Red Cross arm badge was standard for men of the medical corps.


The available records then suggest that he was commissioned into a unit of the Canadian Mounted Rifles, of which there were several.


From the later uniform he seems to have transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, initially as an observer and later gaining his wings as a pilot.


In the photo with another man he is probably/perhaps with a family member who had served in the Canadian contingent during the 2nd Anglo/Boer War.  The older man’s uniform is reminiscent of the Canadian Mounted Rifles who became famous during their service in South Africa.


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